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Redeeming Your Vehicle & Personal Property

If you are planning on redeeming your vehicle or retrieve personal belongings, please read the following requirements:

Person coming to redeem the vehicle or personal property must be the registered owner listed on registration. An insurance card with another persons name is not a valid form of ownership and will not be accepted.

If the registered owner is not available, we will accept a hand written letter from the registered owner stating who has authorization to redeem the vehicle on their behalf and it MUST include a copy of the registered owners ID and their signature on the bottom. The letter must be faxed or emailed to our office . A picture on a cell phone or a phone call from the registered owner will not be acceptable forms of authorization. Same rules apply if you are seeking to remove personal items from a vehicle. No exceptions. If the signature on the bottom of the letter does not match what is on the ID it will not be accepted.

Acceptable forms of ID include a valid state issued drivers license, passport or military ID. Expired, worn or damaged identification will not be accepted.

If you just purchased the vehicle you are seeking to redeem and you have not transferred the vehicle into your name, you must bring the signed title in with you at the time you come to get your vehicle. If you do not have a title in the case of a new vehicle purchase, you will need to bring in the purchase agreement that shows the new owners name.

If you need to redeem a rental car, you will need to bring in the rental agreement that shows who is renting the vehicle. We will not release a rental vehicle to anyone other than who is listed on the agreement.

If you were involved in an accident and will have your insurance company take care of the vehicle, you will need to call our office and give verbal consent to release your vehicle to your insurance company. If you still need to retrieve personal items from your car, we suggest you make arrangements to do so before your vehicle is removed from our yard.

Our offices are open Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm. We are closed on holidays and weekends. If you would like to redeem your vehicle or retrieve your belongings outside of our regular business hours, you will be charged a $127 after hours fee and you will need to call upon arrival to our office. The average wait time is 20-45 minutes for a driver to arrive to assist you.

If you choose not to redeem your vehicle, it will be considered abandoned and will be auctioned off after it has been stored for a minimum of 21 days. If the sale price is not enough to cover the lien amount, the remaining balance will be sent to collections. The registered owner will not be allowed to attend the auction or bid on their own vehicle.

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