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Private Property Services

Noffke's Towing is pleased to offer 24-hour impound services, in addition to free signs and tow stickers for courtesy notification to violators. Our dispatch team is available to customize your account to meet your specific needs and assist in mitigating any parking issues. We also provide an agent to attend all court hearings related to impounded vehicles and supply all necessary documentation, including photos, to the courts.

We offer a variety of sign options to best suit your requirements, and our agents can post requested signs to ensure proper placement throughout your community. Custom sign options are also available. For those with reserved parking, we provide tailored parking cards for residents, allowing them to tow from designated spaces, which is ideal for late-night parking issues.

Furthermore, we offer relocation services for vehicles within the premises. Whether your carports are being rebuilt, spaces are being repainted, or general repairs are being made on your lot, we are happy to assist in relocating any vehicles that may be in the way.

To get started, download our private property agreement and email or fax it to our office once it's filled out. Our dispatch team will be happy to get your account started! 

All impounds are conducted under RCW 46.55. All charges related to the impoundment of a vehicle will be the responsibility of the vehicles' registered owner at time of impound. 

Sign options
Sign options
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